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NYC to Crack Down on Drunk Drivers, May 22, 2002

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Wednesday announced an aggressive campaign against drunk driving.

Bloomberg suggested sobriety checkpoints around this city this Memorial Day weekend could also enhance security in light of general and uncorroborated terrorist threats passed onto city officials.

"When you're looking for one type of criminal activity, it's obvious that the officers will be able to spot other types and the heightened security measures will go a long way towards helping DWI arrests and vice versa," said Bloomberg, when asked how the initiative relates to anti-terrorism efforts.

The crackdown on driving while intoxicated is set to begin this holiday weekend and will include dozens of sobriety checkpoints around the city.

City officials said the officers at the DWI checkpoints will be briefed on what to look for in terms of terrorism.

The NYPD will have extra police patroling the streets and highways. The police harbor unit will be on the lookout for intoxicated boaters and will establish checkpoints throughout the harbor.

Appearing with the mayor at a city hall news conference, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said visitors to the city should not expect long delays at entry points to the city as a result of the checkpoints.

Next month, the city will launch an advertising campaign on radio, television, billboards, and buses to warn against the dangers of driving while drunk.

Turning to the status of anti-terrorism efforts in New York City, Kelly said about 2,500 officers have received counter-terrorism training, and there are plans to train the entire department.

Tighter security was evident in the city Wednesday amid disclosures that the FBI had passed on information about vague threats from terrorists who might target landmarks such as the Brooklyn Bridge and Statue of Liberty.

"SUVs or trucks are being stopped and examined. We are briefing officers as they turn out at the beginning of their tour," Kelly said.

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