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Bloomberg, February 5, 2007
New York City is set to host a ticker-tape parade today for the first time in more than seven years as the National Football League's Giants celebrate their Super Bowl win over New England. Full Article >>
Jennifer Milne (Downtown Express)
The revitalization of Downtown's Maiden Lane may be well underway, but it's not close to being finished. On a walk down the street Friday evening, there were trash bags piled on the sidewalk in several locations and soapy water running down the pavement. Full Article >>
Associated Press, January 28, 2006
Several elected officials urged the federal government Friday not to approve the evacuation plan for the area around the Indian Point nuclear power plants. In a letter to R. David Paulison, acting director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, four members of Congress said the existing plans would not protect the public in the event of a catastrophe at the plants in Buchanan. Full Article >>
Kelly Barbieri (Amusement Business)
The New York City Council unanimously approved the plan for a $30 million, city-funded minor league baseball stadium at Steeplechase Park in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, to be completed in June 2001. Full Article >>
Merle English (Newsday)
The attorney for the owners of a Brooklyn building that partially collapsed Wednesday said city officials who attributed it to water leakage "jumped to conclusions." Mark Bunim said Ulrick Holding Ltd., the owner, hired a private engineer who is expected to submit a report to the Buildings Department today. Full Article >>
By Jennifer Steinhauer (N.Y. Times)
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said yesterday that the city seized nearly 650 cars driven by drunken drivers this year in a continuation of a policy begun in 1999 by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Full Article >>
By Richard Weir (N.Y. Times)
With images of wind-sheared houses and flooded villages still fresh in the public's mind, the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management has inaugurated a campaign warning New Yorkers about the dangers of a hurricane like the one that just lashed the Caribbean. Full Article >>, May 22, 2002
New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Wednesday announced an aggressive campaign against drunk driving. Bloomberg suggested sobriety checkpoints around this city this Memorial Day weekend could also enhance security in light of general and uncorroborated terrorist threats passed onto city officials. Full Article >>
Pete Bowles and Jessica Kowal (Newsday)
With New York City already under a heightened security alert, city officials yesterday announced a crackdown on drunken drivers during the summer season. Full Article >>
Pete Donahue (New York Daily News)
The number of people killed in drunken-driving accidents dropped sharply in the city last year, while traffic-related deaths overall showed a modest decline, police statistics reveal. Full Article >>
Michael Saul (New York Daily News)
Drinking + driving = caught, cuffed, car confiscated. That's the no-nonsense math that came out of City Hall yesterday. Full Article >>
By Howard Girsky (Queens Courier)
Is Queens prepared for a major hurricane? A multi-media public education campaign that puts a critical focus on the borough has been launched by the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management. Full Article >>
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