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Mayor Giuliani Signs Executive Order No. 39; Ensures That 911 Databases Are Up-To-Date
September 10, 1997

To ensure that New York City's Emergency Response Agencies are kept abreast of an ever-changing streetscape, Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani has implemented a plan that guarantees the prompt addition of new streets and addresses into the city's 911 databases.

"With the constant construction, alteration, or renaming of houses, buildings, and streets throughout the city, it is imperative that the computerized databases on which the Police Department, Fire Department, and the Emergency Medical Service rely in locating emergencies be comprehensive and accurate," the Mayor said.

The new plan is a multi-agency effort that will be coordinated by the Mayor's Office of Emergency Management under the direction of Jerome M. Hauer, and will resolve the issue of quickly locating private streets.

Under this plan, the Department of Buildings and the Department of Transportation shall require that a permit or certificate applicant provide the Emergency Response Agencies and the Department of City Planning with information on any building, address or street changes that their project might create. In addition, the Borough Presidents have also agreed to supply information concerning the construction of new developments and/or streets, official address changes and new house numbers within their respective boroughs. Their assistance in helping draft this plan was invaluable and greatly appreciated.

Any information on newly-created streets or addresses will be transmitted to the Emergency Response Agencies, who shall ensure that within five business days the newly identified locations are in their computer databases.

The Department of City Planning will also input any new information into their Geosupport Computer System, which processes and updates New York City geographic locations. These locations can include addresses, street intersections, street stretches and property parcels. Utilizing this Geosupport System, the Department of Planning will help ensure that all emergency agencies have current, accurate information.

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