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Lower Manhattan experienced the full spectrum of triumphs and challenges in 2008. Long the location of choice for businesses and residents seeking unmatched value, amenities and quality of life, Lower Manhattan proved this past year... – as it has time and time again – that its fundamental strengths and capacity for change and growth allow it to withstand Wall Street's historic ups and downs. Full Article >>
What a difference a few weeks makes! At the beginning of September, the major story regarding Lower Manhattan was the incredible progress the district has made since September 11, 2001. Full Article >>
Seven years ago, the unthinkable events at the World Trade Center site left New Yorkers and citizens around the world stunned and saddened, both for the tragic loss of life and property and for the seemingly fatal blow to Lower Manhattan's progress and ever-promising future. However, seven years after the unthinkable events of September 11, 2001, the unthinkable has once again occurred in Lower Manhattan. Full Article >>
The MTA’s Post-9/11 Promise to Lower Manhattan: A brand-new, iconic transportation center that will link east to west, untangle underground connections between 11 subway lines, attract commercial tenants and deliver the kind of retail and related amenities available in every other major transit hub. Full Article >>
Lower Manhattan's evolution into a major trading post, the gateway to America, a world financial capital and the global model for a 21st-century, live/work community can be attributed to one over-riding factor - transportation. Full Article >>
What is it going to take to get our streets back? Between an unprecedented amount of real estate development and infrastructure repairs - and the myriad of construction barriers and scaffolding that accompany it - walking and driving through Lower Manhattan can be a challenging experience. Full Article >>
With low vacancy rates, increasing rental rates and a rapidly diversifying industry base, the Downtown office market is stronger than ever, despite the current turmoil in the financial services sector. Lower Manhattan is well-positioned to weather economic uncertainty, today and in the months ahead. Full Article >>
Sorry Kermit, you’re dead wrong. It is easy being "green". And, as Lower Manhattan and New York City embrace the 21st century, sustainability - defined more than two decades ago by the UN World Commission on Environment and Development as "meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs" - is more important than ever. Full Article >>
Lower Manhattan is one of the most dynamic and successful live-work communities in the world, a fast-growing, 24/7 district whose combination of diversified industry, in-demand housing options and world-class attractions in one walkable square mile has attracted more than 100 new retailers and eateries since 2002. Full Article >>
2006 was a watershed year for Lower Manhattan. Many of the programs and initiatives that were put in place over the past five years to help the area recover and rebuild have come to fruition, and the results have been remarkable. Full Article >>
Lower Manhattan is currently undergoing a remarkable resurgence, a transition from recovery to a major economic expansion that business experts and public officials could not even envision just a few short years ago. Full Article >>
For years the United States government and our own emergency management industry have repeated a simple yet critical mantra: Individuals and families must prepare themselves for emergencies and disasters. Full Article >>
While the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center had a tremendous impact on New York City's economy, our City is well on the road to recovery. Full Article >>
The Digital NYC: Wired to the World® program, New York City's award-winning technology-based real estate development program, is beginning its third year of operation by offering companies a wider selection of affordable, high-speed broadband-equipped space, enhanced benefits and hands-on business assistance. Full Article >>
There has never been a better time to do business in New York City. Our economy is stronger than ever, and much of this success is due to the City's burgeoning high-tech industry. Full Article >>
Thanks to the vision and commitment of Mayor Giuliani, Staten Island Borough President Guy Molinari, and the New York City Council, a new era of economic development and growth will soon begin on the North Shore of Staten Island. Full Article >>
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