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Mayor Giuliani Sends Earthquake Assistance to Italy
October 22, 1997

In response to a series of earthquakes that ravaged central Italy, Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani has dispatched a team of technical experts to assist in the evaluation and rehabilitation of historic structures and monuments damaged by the earthquakes. The group will also assist in the seismic retrofitting of a hospital, in which structural supports and reinforcements will be applied to the hospital's foundation and frame to help it withstand earthquake forces.

The earthquakes killed 12 people, injured dozens, and forced more than 1,200 people from their homes. Many modern and historic structures were also severely damaged, including the 13th Century Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, which is one of Christianity's most important shrines.

"We are very concerned with the safety and well being of the people in the areas affected by the earthquakes," Mayor Giuliani said. "We trust that the expertise of the team we dispatched to Italy will be a valuable aid as Italy begins to rebuild its monuments. As all New Yorkers celebrate "Italian Heritage and Culture Month," we join in solidarity and friendship and pray for the victims in their time of need."

Leading the group is Department of Buildings Deputy Commissioner Richard C. Visconti, who is also a member of New York City's Seismic Code Committee. This committee wrote the Earthquake Code Provisions that were signed into law by Mayor Giuliani in 1995, making New York City the only City in the State of New York to require new buildings to meet stringent earthquake provisions.

Joining Mr. Visconti are Housing Preservation and Development Assistant Commissioner Vito Mustaciuolo, Mayor's Office of Emergency Management Planner/Responder Joseph Buono, and Richard Tomasetti, a structural engineer with expertise in earthquake and forensic investigation. Mr. Tomasetti is also a member of the New York City Seismic Code Committee.

The group will spend six days in Italy, lending technical expertise in the shoring, design and retrofitting of existing residential structures and monuments. The group will also assist in retrofitting a hospital to seismic code, to prevent future damage from earthquakes, and learn more about Italian building and earthquake preparedness techniques.

This humanitarian mission to Italy comes just days after Mayor Giuliani's Hurricane Task Force shipped approximately 2,000 gallons of water, 2,000 pounds of rice, and 5,000 pounds of non-perishable food to the victims of Hurricane Pauline, which devastated parts of coastal Mexico. These items were generously donated by the citizens of New York City.

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