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Statement From Michael G. Carey, EDC President re: Parade Grounds
January 18, 2000

The City today announced that it is no longer going forward with the Mets minor league facility at the Parade Grounds. Despite repeated efforts over the past several weeks to convince Borough President Golden of the benefits for the people of Brooklyn and, in particular, the various youth athletic groups who actively use the Parade Grounds, the Borough President refused to drop his opposition to a program which would have resulted in the restoration of the athletic fields at the Parade Grounds.

Due to the Borough President's utter refusal to compromise on this matter, the City will no longer be able to implement this program in time for the Mets minor league affiliate to play there for the 2000 season. As such, EDC today advised the Supreme Court of the State of New York that the City is no longer considering a minor league facility at the Parade Grounds, and therefore advised the court that the matters pending before the court are moot.

The City will now work actively with the Mets to identify and alternative interim location for the Mets' minor league team.

The citizens of Brooklyn have lost the opportunity to watch and play sports on fully renovated fields, as well ad apply for the jobs and business opportunities the Mets agreed to provide local residents. Schoolchildren have also been deprived of the commitments made by the Mets to develop a permanent relationship with local elementary school P.S. 249 and to sponsor clinics and training programs at the Parade Grounds and local high schools.

It is unfortunate that the Borough President blocked a project that was designed with input from, and embraced by, the community he represents. This is a lost opportunity and it is the people of Brooklyn who will lose out as a result of the Borough PresidentÍs recalcitrance and arbitrary refusal to compromise.

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