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Former New York City Emergency Management Officials Announce the Formation of Protective Consultants International
November 30, 2001

Risk Management and Security Firm Specializes in Corporate Crisis Management and Counter-Espionage Training

Protective Consultants International, a risk management and security firm that specializes in Corporate Crisis Management and Counter-Espionage Training, has been founded by former officials of the New York City Mayor's Office of Emergency Management who recognized the need for advanced solutions to ever-evolving security issues. The firm's inaugural clients are Fortune 500 companies that have been affected by the World Trade Center disaster.

Sal Lifrieri, a retired NYPD Detective and the former Director of Security and Intelligence Operations for New York City Mayor Giuliani's Office of Emergency Management, is the company's President.

"In these times of increased threats and heightened concerns, businesses need to prepare for the very real dangers facing executives, employees, computer systems, physical facilities and other sensitive areas," says Mr. Lifrieri. "Protective Consultants International offers professional services and experts that assess and address these threats, and designs comprehensive plans companies can follow to keep all sensitive areas free of risk exposure and industrial espionage."

Protective Consultants International's team consists of renowned experts who have worked at the Local, State and Federal level and have been involved with some of the most complex security missions and notorious emergencies in recent history, including the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, TWA Flight 800, the Millennium Celebration in Times Square, and the West Nile Virus Outbreak. In addition to working with companies affected by the World Trade Center disaster, the company is currently working with the United States Department of Justice and Palm Beach County, Florida on an Inter-Agency Chemical Exercise designed to test and ultimately help refine the County's response to a biological or chemical attack.

The company's team of experts includes specialists in:

  • Crisis Contingency Management
  • Fiberoptics
  • Counter Surveillance
  • Telephone and Electronic Telephone Systems
  • Anti-Eavesdropping Measures
  • Computer Systems
  • Law Enforcement Coordination
  • Psychological Profile Analysis
  • Voice Stress Analysis
  • Emergency Command Center Design and Construction

"As the world has changed, the threat to U.S. domestic security has changed; threats once seen as primarily overseas concerns are now facing us in our homeland," said Harry Baker, President of the New Jersey Emergency Management Association. "Based upon their superior level of practical real world experience and my experiences working with them, I am convinced that Sal and his team are uniquely qualified to handle the complex challenges now facing large and small corporations."

Protective Consultants International stands ready to help companies plan for and recover from man-made and natural disasters. Additional services and training include Basic and Responder Awareness and Operations, Senior Official Workshops, Facilitated Tabletop Exercises, On-Site Surveillance Testing, Threat Analysis of key executives and key employees, International Executive Area Assessment; Effective Use of Covers and Disguises, and Behavior Pattern Recognition.

As the company's principals are the experts who wrote New York City's emergency response plans, they have intimate knowledge of the resources available at the Local, State and Federal level and can create response and recovery plans of unparalleled depth and accuracy.

Company executives are also available for speaking engagements and media analysis and comment.

For additional information or a confidential consultation, call Protective Consultants International at 914-381-3104 or visit

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